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College Online Software

College Online Management System is a complete solution for managing a college online, in other words an enhanced tool that assists in organizing the day-to-day activities of a college. College online is a Software product specially designed for controlling the college activity.

» Detailed information about the college is just a click away.

» College online has been designed with the State-of-the-art open source technologies to reduce the development and implementation cost of the software.

» The software has been designed on Component based design (Module based).



» College online software are web based software (No. limit on number of users).
» Inbuilt database back up facility for safety and reliability.
» This system is flexible, modular & has scope for future expansion.
» It is high scalable to meet growing needs (vertical & horizontal) of the institute.
» It is user friendly with minimum complications.
» Maintain Centralized database of all the Department.
» It is capable of generating desired reports.
» It provides user level administration with maximum security.
» Sharing of data across the different modules so that it will consistency of information.
» It is machine independent & platform independent.
» It is web based with no limitation on number of users.
» It supports all web browsers-Internet Explorer, Mozilla etc.

Academic Edition Modules : Administration Edition Modules :
» Online Admission
» Students Tracker
» Time table
» E learning
» College Messenger
» T&P Cell
» Complainer
HR Solutions
College Stock :
» Stock Management system
Online Library :
» Library Management
Others :
» Hostel
» Vehicle
» Front Office
» Document Management system