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We are an IT Maven who help our clients make best decisions.

About Krish Infotech Systems Pvt. Ltd


Established in 2002, Krish Infotech Systems Pvt. Ltd is a web development firm specializing in eBusiness optimization solutions for companies across the globe. Krish Infotech Systems Pvt. Ltd offers a complete range of web-based application services including strategic consulting, prototype development, site architecture planning, creative graphic design and photo imagery, eCommerce solutions, content management systems, content migration services, lead generation tools, advanced programming capabilities, multimedia production, SEO and site globalization services.

We think outside the square and utilize creativity, innovation and skills to bring our clients a superior service every time. Every business is different and our clients come from diverse backgrounds so each project requires a new approach. We take pride in knowing our clients and their business, making it a priority part of our overall process. Professionalism and commitment to the service standards have earned the Krish Infotech Systems Pvt. Ltd a reputation among industry peers and clients.

Krish Infotech Systems Pvt. Ltd is a complete web and IT services provider, with its operations in Central and Maharashtra. Our Company has proved its strong presence with operations in Maharashtra.

In today's financial system and aggressive business environment, pace and excellence is among core principles in delivering solutions. Software Development and Product Implementation timeliness are becoming shorter along with the budgets. Therefore, there is strong need for an excellent service provider. We at OMS understand this craving and are ready to perform under toughest time schedule, minimum possible development cost, and deliver maximum productivity with focus on total Quality Assurance.


Krish Infotech Service Offerings:

Krish Infotech Systems Pvt. Ltd is the synonym for one step service provider. Our clientele and past projects prove that we are well-equipped in developing solutions for different platforms & customers such as Finance, Management, Inventory, e-Commerce and web-based software development.

Moreover, team has broad knowledge in storage technologies like Data Mining and Data warehousing, System Programming, Network Management and Troubleshooting, Application Software Development, Web Technologies and Product Development.

Krish Infotech Services at a glance :